Grief and a thousand beautiful things

30 years ago heralded the arrival of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart into my world with their band Eurythmics. Fell in love from the start and have been faithful ever since (to Annie at least).

Much of her music stirs me in numerous ways but it is Annie’s  ‘a thousand beautiful things’ that has resonated loudly in recent times.

Resonates for its recognition that even in times of extreme sadness we are surrounded by beautiful things.

That during these times we may be blind to them but if we open our eyes, even for the briefest of moments, to look beyond our grief we will see them surrounding us.

That these beautiful things can lift us out of our pain without denying that pain.

Not to deny our grief because grief is part of what makes us. It is an important part of the range of emotions that we travel with and through; day to day, week to week, month to month…

So I luxuriate in the beauty of this song, of Annie’s voice and of the meaning those lyrics have to me

it brings a tear
it brings an ache
it wrenchs at my heart
it brings a smile
it brings joy
it warms my heart

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