Not so fond (pre-emptive) goodbye

So we have been together for nigh on 30 years
I really think it is time we parted
(The first time) you came pretty much unannounced but you left an indelible mark
Your regular visits have been memorable to say the least
Like the time you caused me to pass out on the Ku’Damm (Berlin) cracking my head on a pole
You stay for days on end and, even though you seem to go quietly, even peacefully, each time your visits start achingly
Sometimes I can’t even face you
I spend the day, curled up foetally, wishing you away
I don’t believe this relationship has any more to offer me
Don’t get me wrong, you’ve served a purpose
Without you I might still be one instead of three
It is without regret that I say I don’t miss your absences
In reality you could stay away longer
On that note, I have noticed lately, you seem to have tired of me
It seems that your relationship with me is also waning
You don’t come quite so regularly now, not that I mind and in fact it is a relief
I shan’t look back fondly
I’ll have no regrets
And when you finally do go can you please take your friend with you, who quite frankly, leaves my blood running (hot and) cold

2 responses to “Not so fond (pre-emptive) goodbye

  1. Haha I just stumbled across this post. I had a visitor like that too, left over a couple of years ago and not been seen since, good riddance I say. Looking at the date of your post I’m guessing yours has now gone for good too. Freedom is a wonderful thing, you can take holidays in peace now 😉


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