shafts of light come streaming in
sending me into a spin

revealing places long unseen
as I prepare myself to clean

I’d missed that play of light
that might have shown you to my sight

this shift in view; what is revealed
how long your secrets were concealed

the dust unnoticed, undisturbed, and hidden
the corners untouched, the shelves unbidden

yet here this change of light
that infiltrates my sight

reveals a tale as yet untold
hidden secrets start to unfold

could I have been so blind?

a change of view and all is seen
the story of what might have been

for how long was I blinded
did you care, would you have minded

what motes stirred up as I walked past
leaving questions long unasked

with one quick wipe you are removed
leaving me stunned, bereft, confused

and here it is your soul laid bare
causing me my heart to tear

now you’re gone, slipped away
what secrets did you not betray

as I prepare myself to clean
I observe the tainted sheen

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