Even before you cross my threshold
Your seduction of me is complete

Your aroma teases my senses
I am intoxicated, awash in the thought of you

Resistance has become futile as the desire for you tugs at me
I can barely wait to touch your sweet smoothness
I inhale deeply, longingly

I resist the temptation to peel off your covers
To feel the first touch of your silkiness
To steal a taste of you from my fingertips

Surely this is an addiction

I bring you closer
Your touch on my lips
Your taste in my mouth

Savouring those last moments of anticipation
Before the taste of you overwhelms me



6 responses to “Ah…ecstasy

  1. This one is perfect for me! I have enjoyed a few mouthfuls of chocolate this week! And yes it was smooth and silky, just delicious. Xx


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