Cruise of lifetime


Great fanfare, hugs and kisses; bon voyage
Steal away, hoping and grasping; sans luggage

Saved for years
Fleeing from fears

Cruise of a lifetime
Searching for a lifeline

Exuberant voices barely containing excitement
Stifled voices barely remaining buoyant

Slicing through waves as if they’re not there
Being tossed in the surf and thrown in the air

Singing and dancing the night away
Wishing and praying the fright away

Island hopping, sampling the fair
Sitting and wondering will you ever get there

Crossing the sea; destination somewhere to land

Playing by the pool cheerful in swimming
Clinging to anything fearful of drowning

End of the trip, went far too fast
Sigh of relief, land at last

Safe in port reminiscing with new found friends
Clamber to land, is this where the nightmare ends?

Welcome home
Welcome nowhere a conversation about the ‘asylum seeker debate’ in Australia

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