Pond Life


I look out my window at you
See you there
Watch you there
As you toss the pebble into the pond

A splash is heard
A startle created
The surface broken
The water disturbed

A crown of water rises
Droplets form then fall
Sending waves of motion outward
The mirror of the tranquil pond broken

The pebble slowly sinks
Tumbling in its descent
A billow of silt stirred up
A fish darts away

A floating duck
Raises it head; ever alert
The ripple
Sends it skyward

Getting ever bigger
Moving further out
The reverberations of the ripples
Felt across the pond

The first reaches the shore
Disturbs the peace
Unsettles the edges
Reshapes the landscape

The ripples continue
Slowly dissipating
Peace returns to the pond
The mirror recreated

I look out my window at you
I find myself reflected in it
The window into your soul
Is the mirror into mine

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