The spider that catches the fly (at my house) – Part 2

2011-10-06 14.41.02

Ah summer holidays and the car was packed and we were heading to the coast in convoy. With summer holidays come those pesky little black flies that always seem to weasel their way into the car despite all the best efforts to keep them out. They cling and stick and always get in places that cause the most irritation. Once in the car they annoyingly flit around avoiding all the attempts to brush them away, coax them out the window or squash them in the middle of your windscreen when you finally lose control. They seem inexorably drawn to the windscreen right in front of your field of view. Doing a frenetic dance across the windscreen as though demonically possessed.

So there I was madly brushing away the fly that kept flashing past my point of view. An annoying distraction on dull piece of road. There was, however, something different about this fly; something less than random in its persistence when passing across my point of view. Something that set it apart from the frenetic flying of a fly but what was it? Couldn’t quite put my finger on it and continued to wave it away becoming increasingly agitated and annoyed. It wasn’t quite in focus, I couldn’t quite make out its detail; a blurry smudge across my vision but there none the less. Moving away with each brush but then reappearing in the lull causing me to become increasingly distracted.

Then that slow penny dropped. The pattern of this movement so regular in its path, so persistent and determined in its direction. I slowly removed my sunglasses; the sunglasses that had been sitting on the fruit bowl for a few weeks or more before I donned them that morning. Took a quick glance at them then back to the road. Something lay in the corner near the nose piece, something small and black. Something surrounded by thin gossamer threads some which extended across the lenses of my glasses in a perfect line right across my point of view.

A tingle shot up the nerves in my arms…

The Spider that catches the fly (at my house) – Part 1

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