Breaking free

The rut is deep
Rain has brought it on
Dark depths luring
Vast boundless expanse of the land
Hills, valleys once explored,
Contours caressed by the soles of my feet
Now left untouched

Rain clouds gathered
Bursting, flooding
Sodden sinking ruts appeared
Suddenly the expanse shrunk to a small deep rut
Dark depths luring
Sucking me in

The expanse left unvisited
Untouched almost forgotten
The lure of the rut
Easy to sink
Be engulfed

Rays of sun break through
The rut dries but remains
Deep almost insurmountable

A glint in the distance
Something to catch the eye
To tempt a break free
Vast stretch once rambled
Explored without question
Enjoyed without fear
Beckons again

Feel free to leave your own rambling

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