Earth Hour 2014 – switching off the internet

switch off

Did you know that Facebook is one of the brownest data companies? Here’s a thought. Earth hour is approaching (29th March) with the general premise that we all turn off our lights for 1 hour from 8.30 to 9.30 as a symbol of our commitment to protecting the planet. That switching off the lights is switching off our use of non-renewable energy sources.  Have you, however, considered the energy that it takes to power the internet? ABC’s Hungry Beast did back in 2011 with these interesting results:

So here is my thinking. What if we all stopped using the internet for that hour also. Resisted the urge to check our facebook feeds by candlelight. What if we got all our facebook friends and family to do likewise – what would our reach be I wonder? According to Facebook in May 2013 there were 1.11 billion of us connecting with each other through their service. Imagine if they all turned off for the hour and posted a status something along the lines of:

‘I’m switching off for the planet. Facebook will you switch brown for green for the planet too?’

Yes I know it sounds naff but just imagine!

And what of Earth hour 2014 well there is a slightly different slant this year. I will let them explain.

Looking forward to switching off with you – Imagine!

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