Just a few thoughts about gratitude that invaded my thoughts today and helped put smile of my face and furnish warmth to my heart.

Thank you to those friends who share their passions and through this help me to broaden my knowledge of the world.

Thank you to those friends that share the challenges they face and through them help me to expand my heart.

Thank you those friends who just step up without asking and offer me a hand. They teach me the art of receiving.

Thank you to dear friends departed whose parting, while heart-wrenching, has helped me grow.

Thank you to the two octogenarians, on their way to lunch, who allowed me to help them tangle (no not a typo) their walking frames in the boot of their car. They helped me to see the joy of remaining vibrant and engaged despite the challenges life might present.

Thank you to the woman dancing down the street. I secretly relished the joy of your dance with you and then did a little dance myself in a different street. You showed me the delight of letting go.

Thank you to the strangers that return my smiles as we anonymously pass each other by for we shared  moment of connection and happiness.

Thank you to those of you who read these random posts as it is the sharing as much as the writing that brings me fulfillment.

Just a few of the many daily gratitudes that I felt the need to share.

Thank you.

Feel free to leave your own rambling

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