Best laid plans

best laid plans

A good way to organise your day, week, month, year, love, life
Mentally locking in your decisions
Mentally imagining how it will all happen
Mentally looking forward to how it will all unfold
But beware grand ones
Beware the ‘fly in the ointment’
The risk that those plans may be shattered
What then?
The mental picture remains like a ghost
A constant reminder of what might have been
The essence of those plans
A trigger
To open a wound
Elicit pain in your heart

2 responses to “Best laid plans

  1. This reminds me of last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, me being me, since I always have a plan!, planned out my treatments, what I would do in between treatments, when I would return to work etc etc. I soon realised I needed to take a week at a time, then I realised I needed to take a day at a time! Makes me laugh now. I have learnt though, I stil make plans but am much more fluid and open to changing my plans, and I still have a bit of a laugh. Xx


    • You are absolutely right. Think I have learnt this lesson too. Plan for the future but live for today, learn from yesterday and look forward to tomorrow and make sure you laugh everyday. Xx


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