Roll up. Roll up. Come and see the show.

P1030479 (2)

Ah yep, I was one of them
The child
Dreaming of running away
Closest circus please
To swing through the air

Years later
Vicariously enjoying the circus
My children
Performing tricks
at circus school

But now
I look back
Life has been my ringmaster
my circus

No need to run away
Like the swing of the trapeze
I have soared high
…swung low
sometimes lost my grip!

Held more balls than possible
both hands
Skilfully juggling
Until that moment
… one ball too many added!

A contortionist
Bending this way and that
Trying to be flexible
Beyond …

Deftly balancing
On the high wire
Then the shake
The wobble
The fall

But for each
There are countless
Joys and exhilaration

The circus closes
Another year passes
A new one unfurls
The show must go on
Come one, come all

Come and see the show

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