Writing 201: Limerick (or not?) – Journey

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So this time a limerick which inadvertently turned into a three verse one. Does this mean I have broken the rules (of a limerick)? Not to mention it’s not humorous. Perhaps all I have managed to achieve is the meter.
Such a new experience to use a prompt (‘Journey’) and a form (limerick) and a device (alliteration; which didn’t really sit well in this poem) and to then turn it into something in a couple of hours rather than ruminating on and revisiting it countless times over days, weeks, months.

Oh what a journey of repair
started one day in utter despair
you took that dire choice
could you not use your voice
did you not see how we did care

A trail of destruction left in its wake
the day your life you would take
together we stood united in grief
your mind taking you like a desperate thief
for us our hearts surely did break

Glimmer of light on the distant horizon
the tempering of physical pain and emotion
many conversations we have had
no longer do we feel so sad
a lesson learnt ’bout the human condition

Mmh what do you think?

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