Writing 201: Trust – acrostic – internal rhyme

the load of love

Took this challenge head on and finally went for all three aspects of the challenge: prompt (trust), form (acrostic – actually double) and device (internal rhyme).

Lovers’ tryst

Lest you create an ache upon my heart
Observe I do, you from afar
Vying for a sneak peak of you
Every moment spent, I must confess
…dreaming of a lover’s tryst

What do you think?

6 responses to “Writing 201: Trust – acrostic – internal rhyme

  1. Well done! I think you have been very brave at attempting all three challenges in one poem! Oh, and how you managed to get in the double acroustic! You have skills!!!! I only really managed trust but put in a couple of internal rhymes.

    How are you finding the Writing 201 so far? I am feeling inspired by the prompts! Happy writing day, Jacqui 🙂


    • Why thanks Jacqui…this is the first one where I have managed to use all three challenges. Thoroughly enjoying it for learning about different forms and devices (not to mention the escapism it allows me from the day to day :-))
      cheers Heid.

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