Writing 201: Animal – Concrete Poem – Enjambment

Ha! Well now I have a name for the devise that I seem to have a fondness for. Enjambment -‘when a grammatical sentence stretches from one line of verse to the next’. If I look back on the poems that I have written in this blog, prior to going on this journey, this seems to be my device of choice.

For those that know me well the prompt ‘animal’ is very fitting. I have adapted a reflection that I wrote about an experience, whilst mowing, that taught me the value of being present during this seemingly mundane chore.

As for creating a concrete poem decided to let this aspect slide for now 🙂

What life beneath the blades

Weekend behind the mower
muffle out the sound
Brain neutral
away with the fairies
lost in
(not so) quiet contemplation

But what life is passing
under the sweep of the blades
creating an even cut
not a blade of grass
out of place

be present
ever observant
in the moment
what goes before the mower
not the end result of its’ passing

Watchful eye
multitude of life to keep safe
frogs and skinks are out
blissfully jumping
running through the long wet grass
chasing explosion
of baby crickets

slow art observing
just in front
to the sides
no distractions
of thought

Keep an eye out
tell-tale hop
s-shaped run
slow even further
let them pass
gather them up
move to a safer place

Allow time
baby crickets
scamper away
meal to frogs and skinks
scurrying along between the blades
hunting spiders
give chase

Lady bird hangs
like a dew drop
conspicuous by
its’ bright colour
contrast to a sea
of green

no longer set
to crew cut
those few places
I’ve met upon pairs of frogs
designated green zones
no mow zone

No frog need
wear a flack jacket
safe from marauding red mower
these particular places
lure of love for frogs
rendezvous site
safe with me

Backyard patchwork
green zones
island refuges
concession to us
to access the land
to share with the wildlife
displaced by our presence

Mindful mowing
understanding and appreciation
what lies beneath the blades
thoughts can wait
spend time delighting
new discoveries delivered
through the chore of mowing

What do you think?

Feel free to leave your own rambling

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