Writing 201: Fog – elegy – metaphor

Mmh well that was tough. Managed to work in fog and I think (?) I got elegy but I missed metaphor and ended up with allegory. Not quite the brief but I am pretty happy with the result.

Weight of your damp on my shoulders
Rain sodden cloak
Pressing your cold wetness on my skin
I struggle to peel you off
Chilled to the bone

Warmth of my skin transforms
Cool moisture to fog
You insist on enveloping me
Blur my vision
Fill my head

Curl up tight
Protect within

Fight to resist the spiral
Twisting descent
Reach up, reach out, reach light
Helping hand extended
Grab hold, hold fast

Lift me up ever so high
Through to the blue
Bright sky
You envelope my skin
Push back the fog

Turn my head to the sky
Bathe in your warmth
Radiate in my heart
Push back the cold

Unfurl open up
Expose within

Ironically about trust in self and others (given trust was a previous prompt in this mad journey of writing a poem a day). The art of letting go and letting others help lift you up.

What do you think?

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