Writing 201: Hero(ine) – ballad – epistrophe


Wow this one stumped me. Hero or Heroine; who are mine? Then the moment, the inspiration, assisted by an iPod on shuffle, magically playing an artist who has inspired me over the last 3 decades (well that just gave my age away). Then the fun began and I must confess I stole some words – can you pick them? So here it is…

Who’s that girl

I found you as a teenager
your shrill of short orange hair
screamed out and loud to me
just as your voice did dare

Your black leather jacketed strut
Red bra revealed with every turn
your luxurious voice sings to me
stirring an inner yearn

I want you so it’s an obsession

your lyrics embedded into my heart
lost in sweet dreams of you
bathed in the opulence of your voice
lost in the radiance of your hue

love is a stranger to us
you out of reach to me
me invisible to you
if only you could see

I want you so it’s an obsession

You took me away in ’84
to another world
where the autumn leaves turned
and my heart yearned to be unfurled

I’ve been watching you for years
seen you move from fragility to grace
seen your orange hair fade to white
take me to a quiet place

I want you so it’s an obsession

now I am lost in nostalgia with you
your beauty not dulling with age
your luxurious voice sings to me
my heart still locked in its cage

I still want you it’s an obsession

What do you think?

2 responses to “Writing 201: Hero(ine) – ballad – epistrophe

    • Thanks Wendy. Kind words; much appreciated. Didn’t realise, when I was writing, that I was effectively using a version of ‘found’ poetry until we had that as a form later on 🙂

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