Writing 201: Future – Sonnet – Chiasmus

2014-08-10 12.19.55 (2)

Well that was a tough one but I made it through in the end. Not sure that it really works as a sonnet but I did take on the topic of the future and tried to throw in a chiasmus. It’s been fun and intense; poetry on speed. I am used to waiting for a poem to fall out of me rather than extricating it. It was an eye opener to be able to create something by being given a prompt, a form and a device. So here’s to the future :-).

Future is now

You really are a funny place
where dreams are made
else fears lie in wait
an’ the past is sure to fade

Some look toward you as though you called
straight in your face and full of faith
whilst others search a crystal ball
yearnin’ to be rulers of their fate

yet to look with longin’ to the future
I’ll miss the now ‘n’ here
So here ‘n’ now I shall be sutured
Continue to be a sight-seer

and I will keep you at a distance
make this precious moment last
Offer you some resistance

I’ll not let this present moment past
without reflection upon its beauty vast

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