Stolen Seconds


Stolen seconds

I looked at the second hand
Those moments passing by so slowly
I was having second thoughts
Feeling like a second class citizen
Didn’t want to play second fiddle
Or come off second best

But then without a second thought
I got my second wind
And in a split second
It came like second nature to me
Like a second sight
But wait a second…

…I need more time

Perhaps a reflection on vacillating on decisions, worrying about how the things we do will be perceived and then when a resolution is finally come to a recognition of how time has/is slipping away 🙂

I have chosen to use Found poetry as a devise and basically played around with idioms that contained second. I found my first attempt at  this type of poetry quite clumsy but suspect the text I chose wasn’t particularly easy to work with in this way. Really enjoyed putting this one together as a response to Mara’s: Poetry 101 Rehab: seconds.

What do you think?

2 responses to “Stolen Seconds

  1. Wow! That is amazing! It feels so natural that I didn’t even realise it was basically found poetry. It’s an excellent play on the keyword “second” – the poem is great in its form but it also creates a coherent whole. Good job! Thanks so much for sharing this for my rehab 🙂


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