2014-05-31 16.18.27 (2)

I yearn
Your return
Home to me

Tantalising close
Yet so far
I reach for you

Aching and chilling
My heart needs refilling
Longing the touch of yours

comes knocking
I try make it go wanting

push it away
leave no space
give no grace

Without you
this is merely a house
You are my home

Warmth of your embrace
Curls around me
surrounds me

keeping me safe
making this place
our home

…a response to Mara’s: Poetry 101 Rehab: Home.

And another take on home I wrote some time ago in a reflection on the jarring juxtaposition of asylum seekers who risk all to get to our shores by boat and (disconnected) people taking ocean cruises –  Cruise of a lifetime

4 responses to “Home

  1. You have a great point in connecting a place to a person – it’s people who make a home, maybe not alone, but it’s an important part of home. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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