I hate packing…

…off to China tomorrow so flexing my travel blog muscle here for a short while 🙂

Banter on Canton

Well we’re off again; but gee I hate packing! You would think it would get easier with each trip. Nup! There is still the inevitable creeping, nagging doubt. Have I got everything? Have I taken enough. Have I taken too much?

There are the standard things; the jocks and socks,  the shorts and shirts (my china uniform), the toiletries. Then there are those little comforts of home; the favorite tea, a few biccies, the odd muesli bar. Let’s not forget those things that need packing to get you through those little emergencies; the stoppers and goers, the anti-inflammatories and codeine, the odd vitamins and minerals and chuck in a few bandaids. Then the extra’s that didn’t come last time but experience has shown that we need to bring them along. This time it’s the extra strength, nylon melting, mossie repellent to ward of the dengue mosquitoes.

Once the personal items of basic survival are check it…

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