skin (2)
What is this skin
that I am in

That betrays not
lies within

it provides a shield
it will not yield

and betrays not
lies within

what will reveal
lf it should peel

the truth of
lies within

…in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Skin

When I first wrote ‘skin’ my head was in throes of thinking about the mechanics of skin, the anatomy of skin. As such I was thinking about skin in cross section; it’s anatomical structure. But on reflection given that this poem is really a metaphor what I was really heading towards is the looking at what lies within the ‘skin’. So the original poem contained the word beneath as apposed to within. Within works better for me…what do you think?

8 responses to “Skin

  1. If we could feel safe to reveal what lies beneath this, our skin, we would be truly blessed. Oh to have no fear, to be free to lay ourselves bare.


  2. That is a very successful poem: deceptively simple but effective, it works great with repetition (or shall I say, refrain?) and gets the idea across effortlessly.


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