(Plastic) Rubbish

catch of the day

Hunting out some treasure
tumbling onto the beach
beautiful thing lying half buried
tempting sparkle

rare pristine shell etched
with the story of its journey
tumbling along the ocean floor
what is it
that catches
my eye

to plastic lying in the sand
straight lines, lurid colours
manufactured shapes
it stands apart
from its biologically created surrounds

evidence of human activity
party complete with balloons
fishing trip; bagged baits, nets and floats
garden shaded from the sun
shade long torn from its moorings
picnic had by the seaside

smaller pieces
long since obliterated
by rasping of the ocean
never truly be gone.
never really broken down

how does it all come to be
on this quiet strip of coast
that barely tells the tale
of the passing of a few dozen people
swept in on the tide

floating around the ocean
being consumed
yet providing no sustenance
toxic soup
magnified by the food chain

eating fish and chips
blissfully unaware
of the plastic
its toxins
that we have just consumed
our rubbish come home to roost

…in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Rubbish

Found poetry from another piece I wrote about the plastic pollution on our beach

5 responses to “(Plastic) Rubbish

    • Thanks Mara, Your encouragement always greatly appreciated. Yes the picture is outrageous. It is now a habit of mine to take a rubbish bag with me on my walks to remove the evidence of our existence from our beautiful environment.

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