Deadline (ode to the audit)

In response to Mara Eastern’s poetry 101 rehab: Deadline, currently being hosted by Andy Townend Inspiration, for this one, comes from Andy’s take on deadline and the synchronicity of currently being in the grip of an audit. I have decided to give concrete poetry a go. It was too hard to resist. I am not ‘clever’ enough to create this with my keyboard so out came the pen and paper to create this piece.  Click on the photo to enlarge it to read the poem or take the easy way out and read the typed one below 🙂


Totally focused
Some might say obsessed
Caught in the pull
The desire for success

Not looking right or left
The present just a blur
Starting to get testy
No room left now to err

Becoming ever breathless
A tightening of the chest
Hours extending further
Even sleep is not a rest

Writing’s on the wall
You can see the screaming headline
The folly of rushing
To meet that dreaded dead line________________________________________________

5 responses to “Deadline (ode to the audit)

  1. I didn’t take the easy route… I read it as you had hand written it. I have been seeing the stress on your face and emanating from your very being. I have felt helpless. I have been there to a lesser degree and hope you can manage this test of your patience and strength enough to come out on top. I wish there was more time so more of us could assist. Take care of you and yours, x.


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