We’re back

Taking a small break from my main blog while I am working in china and spending my time writing on my China blog 🙂

Banter on Canton

Well we made it after a relatively calm and non-eventful flight. Our 4th visit to Guangzhou together. It won’t matter if either of us forget our glasses on our trips out and about. I will be able to read the road signs and Paula will be able to take care of the menus.

Did I say non-eventful? Well yes, the flight was, but our movement through the airport then onto the college was, well, eventful. We didn’t quite make it all the way through immigration, at Guangzhou International Airport, when we were pulled aside. It seems the body scanner had picked up an elevated body temperature emanating from one of us. So off to the quarantine area we were taken where the good old mercury thermometer was presented. Thankfully the armpit sufficed as an acceptable place for measuring ones temperature. After the required elapsed time, thermometer removed and read, we…

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