In the air tonight (sorry Phil Collins)

Banter on Canton

Spare a thought for the poor folk in Guangzhou at the moment. The state of the air here is poor, to say the least. All the other major cities in china at the moment are in the yellow and even Beijing has managed a very health green (34).guangzhou air So what does this all mean well take a look at the index below. No wonder my lungs are having a moderate protest. I sometimes feel like I have to work for each breath and I do not suffer from anything that is likely to be compounded by smog. What is the problem with PM 2.5? Well the PM, parts per million, relates to the size of the articulate pollution in the air. These little babies (PM 2.5’s) are considered the most dangerous due to their very small size. Small enough to not only enter the lungs but even the blood stream small.

air quality indexSo what’s…

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