Botanica Spendida revisited

Adventures in the South China Botanical Gardens

Banter on Canton

A trip to Guangzhou, for me, doesn’t seem complete without a trip to the South China Botanical Gardens. So another quiet wander around the gardens on Friday morning to take in the beauty of the plants.

Here are a few of my favourite parts of the gardens and some of my favourite plants for you to likewise enjoy. I promise to only bore you with a small number of my photos 🙂

1 glasshouse 5 The main glasshouse to the left and a smaller on the right. There are a cluster of 5 glasshouses representing different bioclimatic zones

21 restuarant Had a lovely lunch here on my first visit in 2013…was fun ordering the food when no-one spoke English and the menu was all in chinese without picture (See Botanica Spendida 1)

2 glasshouse 1 Inside the main glasshouse wwhich is approximately 5 -7  storey’s high

3 ginger 1 From the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family

4 hibiscus 1 It’s not just the petals of the Hibiscus…

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